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I love writing about my gay best experience ever, so here's my favorite place ! is a well known, on the outskirts of Basingstoke, the quiet, safe and popular, I go. This time, I dressed in black balcony bra, thong, garter belt and fishnet stockings and went again. I sat down and took my clothes waiting for someone to look through the glory hole. 5 minutes later, an eye, and remained, as I stroked his cock. Finally, zip (can not be too careful ) and left. Two men were standing in front of me with their tools in their hands. A good start I thought! immediate success apart, cleaned and left barking. The others looked at me eagerly. He motioned inside and closed the door. I immediately pulled my pants and grabbed him and pulled his pants down, and as I knelt before her long tail impressivley. I looked at his face when I started to put on my smile dirty to him to wank against my face. I love it when a man appreciates my efforts, please ! felt like I was becoming increasingly difficult in my hand as hdporno I rubbed faster faster, I heard him start pounding moaning as he pushed his face against my Hot Rod. I have it all full of his balls kneed in the left hand, while I was still shaking his cock. I felt it start charging, which kicked off the tail, angry, hit her with a look of anguish on his face. Finally, he gave a grunt and a great big blast of hot cum shot from the tip of the tail! I have to do with flying in my face, hdporno before some of them hit me in the eye. It was very hot and it was so, so much of it ! Followed in Cumming Cumming. I think I was about ten blocks everywhere. When he finished, he had cum in my hair, my face, my bra, and even in my underwear! He did well ! wiped it off and went right and gave me a dirty, hdporno sticky. I began the difficult task of cleaning sperm of my face, but it was a big surprise! I glancedthrough the peephole and there was no eye! They have been every 30 seconds. So I waited to see if they could, but he stayed. My heart was very fast, which is now when hdporno I opened the door left my second husband in It made me feel so dirty, like all their milk, which my body was covered with eyes. He smiled and said nothing when he opened his pants, closed the door and beckoned me to the ground. I started working again on my second consecutive pole. It was smaller than the first, but I was heaven n, as we stroked and rubbed his penis. I could not wait until my sticky mixture. God, I feel used Well, he was not going to disappoint, as it throbbed in my hand and the juice comes out wonderful in my hair and face. It was dirty, now wanted a straw. There is no chance, but because, as my second husband left, third face appeared at the door. I was worried and excited at the same time. I did not have to worry about. It seemed as if we were spied on and the door opened for me to see, with three menJerks cock out ! Talk about shameless ! Well, I hdporno could not forward it. I squeezed everything and returned to the knee for the third time in 10 minutes. rubbed against my face, as one hdporno after another they unload their cum all over my body horny. I've never had the feeling that humiliated, dirty and in my life. It was amazing ! I looked like I took. What a sight that hdporno must have been, from head to toe in stinking, hot milk, dripping, to the hilt in beautiful black underwear, which were littered with bright white milk, straw my hdporno shaft until it wore desperate to exploit sync. I had taken for a long time for me at length with some landing in my audience admiring jizzed. Finally, I was in my account and I have done my best to wash up. As you can imagine, this was impossible, so I came to see my journey back to the car had. Tricky ! definitely still drying on my face and semen in her hair. I stank of semen and had full underwear, bra that makes me, as I had small breastsIf I looked at my chest. had about a 2 minute walk back to my car, so I put my head down, hiding my fake boobs and started my way back. Luckily I did not hit anyone! I had fun though I like the fun and occasionally get together to cumfun regularly and I can not wait to do something similar again soon! God, I feel dirty just thinking about it again! !
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